Given that Firpo and Patricia Smith were lifelong residents of Fort Scott and the impact that local employers had on their family life, the purpose of this scholarship is to help draw attention to and encourage local Fort Scott business ownership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. A thriving local business community in Fort Scott is the foundation necessary to provide:

      ♦ More local jobs and better local jobs as well as a better standard of living and quality-of-life.
      ♦ A tax base to fund local schools and school activities as well as other government/public services.
      ♦ The engine for the future economic growth of Fort Scott.

These benefits of a prosperous and thriving business community in Fort Scott would also help stem the departure of talented individuals who grow up in Fort Scott as well as other residents who move on to greener pastures elsewhere. According to Wikipedia, the population of Fort Scott has steadily declined from nearly 12,000 in 1890 to 9400 in 1960 to 8100 in 2010. Despite this, in the Internet age and as a result of local and regional infrastructure improvements, a new paradigm of smaller-town living and values with already academically-competitive schools in Fort Scott is possible. Within a five hour drive of Fort Scott are eleven large population centers totaling 11 million persons; making for easy access to do a significant amount of business (and to draw from) close to home as well as other USA and world markets.

2015-2016     Cynthia Tucker     Finance/Spanish
2014-2015     Ben Bristley          Business/Marketing

2015-2016     Zachary Ballou     Computer Science
2014-2015     Anna Oberle     
2013-2014     Austin Rogers          
2012-2013     Jacie Sweeney          
2011-2012     Samantha Miller          
2010-2011     Dallas Buck          

To contribute to this scholarship fund through the Pittsburg State Foundation or the Fort Scott Community College Endowment Association, mail your check to:

Charles R. Smith
1710 S. Eddy
Fort Scott, KS 66701
(Make your check payable to either the "PSU Foundation" or the "FSCC Endowment Association" and reference "Firpo & Patricia Smith Scholarship" on the check.)

Contributions are tax-deductible as the fund through both the PSU Foundation and the FSCC Endowment Association is a 501(c)(3) charity. Also, if your employer has a matching gifts program, typically that means they will match dollar-for-dollar your charitable contributions up to a specified limit. Be sure to include your company's matching gifts request form with your check. For additional information, contact Becky May at the PSU Foundation at (620) 235-4756 or Bailey Lyons at the FSCC Endowment Association at (620) 223-2700, Ext. 5830.

You can also make an online contribution through the PSU Foundation at Additionally, contributions may also be made to the Firpo & Patricia Scholarship via the Pittsburg State Phonathon. | | | | | |

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