J.B. Moore & Sons was truly a family business as all five of J.B.'s adult children would at one time or another work there as did his wife Maggie and daughter-in-law Ardelia including as clerks, salespersons, drivers, et al.

Nellie Alphonsine Moore (1871-1894) – Fr. NY State, father Buradore Wiltsee Devon store owner, 2 children.
Margaret "Maggie" Moore (1872-1954) – Gillies parents emigrated from Scotland, fr. Kansas City, 5 children.

Nellie circa late 1880's

Marion Alphonsine Warren (1890-1968) – Teacher and an education and music education advocate. Husband Harry (Emporia State) served in the Kansas State Senate and was a prominent Fort Scott attorney. 4 children.
Burris Buradore "Burt" Moore (1893-1963) – WW1 and former District Court Clerk and Fort Scott Postmaster. Wife Leona & 2 children.
Harold Joel "Pat" Moore (1896-1967) – WW1 and later managed Moore Grocery. Wife Ardelia & 3 children.
George Robert Moore (1899-1934) – Baseball enthusiast who once played in a local 1922 baseball exhibition game on a team featuring Babe Ruth against another team with brother Pat.
Mildred Lucille Sonneman (1909-2004) – Excellent piano player, popular figure in her Burke Street neighborhood and around the Country Club. Husband Bert attended KU.
Helen Margaret Moore (1906-1907) & "J.B." Moore (1913)

With the opening of Fort Scott Junior College in 1919 across the street from the family home at 1008 S. Main, J.B.'s daughter Mildred and all eight of his adult grandchildren would matriculate to college there.

- Yearbook Photos -

Marion A. (FSHS 1909) & her children Charles (FSHS 1932), Helen (FSHS 1932), Margaret (FSJC 1936), & Marion E. (FSHS 1938)

Charles Warren (1914-1997) – KU where in Sigma Chi fraternity. Washburn Law, USAAC WW2, Bourbon County District Court Judge, FSCC Athletic Hall of Fame. Wife Ava Topeka Business College. 2 sons KU. 1 son KU Law & a lawyer. Later lived in Girard.
Helen Warren Childs (1916-1975) – KU where in Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Said to have dated Craig Stevens later of Peter Gunn-fame. Eloped with Charles' fraternity brother Bob. 2 daughters & a grandson KU. MD daughter. Lived several places including in Hoisington and Bryan, Texas. Years later, gravesite moved from Texas to Centerville.
Margaret Warren Classen (1918-1999) – Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg (Pittsburg State) where in Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Teacher along with husband John (FSJC, KSTCP). Daughter & 3 grandchildren KU incl. 1 also USC, MMus NM State. Lived in Neodesha and Hoisington.
Marion Warren Brown (1922-2002) – KSTCP where also president of her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Teacher along with husband Alfred (Battle of the Bulge, FSJC, Southwestern). 3 children. Daughter Southwestern & a teacher. A granddaughter OK State & grandson Pitt State. Lived several places including in Arkansas City and Bartlesville.

Mildred L. (FSHS 1927), M. Mildred (FSJC 1940), J.B. (FSJC 1941), Mary Jean (FSHS 1941), & Patricia (FSHS 1947)

Mildred Moore Elliott (1921-1997) – K-State along with husband Charles (FSJC). 2 sons. Lived in Macon and Fulton, Missouri.
J.B. Moore (1923-1994) – USAAC WW2, MMus Wichita State, music teacher, popular piano accompanist.
Mary Jean Moore Stegge (1924-1995) – Husband Dudley football coach & administrator at MSSC. Daughter MSSC. Lived in Joplin.
George Moore (1928-1929) – Died unexpectedly at six months of age, two days after onset of pneumonia.
Patricia Moore Smith (1930-2012) – "Firpo & Patricia Smith Fort Scott Business Scholarship" at Pitt State. 2 sons.

Christmas 1944 at 1008 S. Main
Mary Jean, Patricia, Marion E.
John & Sujean, Marion, Maggie, Pat
Margaret, Helen, Judy, Mildred, Ardelia

15 family members buried in the adjacent Moore and Warren family plots at Centerville Cemetery in Devon plus the scattered ashes of Bob Childs. J.B.'s mother Margaret and 4 of his siblings also at Centerville. 8 family members buried at Fort Scott National Cemetery #1.

J.B.'s father Joel Burris "Joe" Moore (from Illinois, 1833-1870) and mother Margaret Blair (Ohio, 1843-1911) each settled separately on the Kansas frontier near Devon circa 1860 and they would marry a year later. In addition to farming, Joe served in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1864 until his death. Her father an Irish immigrant (Ulster) and a teacher, Margaret was said to be "intensely interested in music and educational affairs".

Joe & Margaret about 1869
w/ Cora and Effie

Effie Moore Killion (1866-1935) – Lifelong Devon resident. Husband George & 2 children.
Cora Moore Killion (1868-1940) – Lifelong Devon. Husband Jesse & 9 children. A son FSJC & a teacher.
Omer Warren Hall (1875-1948) – Eventually settled in eastern Washington State. Wife Ella Mae & 8 children.
Bertha Pearl Hall (1877-1887) – Margaret had re-married in 1873 to Kelly Hall.
Judson Jay "Judd" Hall (1878-1938) – Proprietor of Hall's Grocery on Oak Street. Wife Rose.
Edith Hall Gordon (1883-1959) – Baker University & University of Chicago, Fort Scott- & Chicago-area teacher w/ husband Bert (KU, UofChicago, Kent Law). 4 children.
Victor Hall (1890-1967) – Stepbrother Frank’s son raised by J.B.’s mother Margaret (at 10th & Main for a time). MS degree KSTCP, Parsons teacher. Wife Hazel & 4 children. Son Dale Hall (1924-1996) was 1945 CBB Player of the Year & was later head football coach at West Point plus football teammate of Heisman winners Doc Blanchard & Glenn Davis.


Maggie Moore & possibly Patricia

Marion Warren about 1939

Burt Moore (right) with baseball
legend Walter Johnson about 1920.

Pat Moore WWI about 1919.

Ardelia Moore w/ Mary Jean about 1926

George Moore

Mildred L. Moore

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